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Metal Work ISO 15552 Cylinders with protective bellow

ISO 15552 Cylinders with protective bellow

We introduce a new version suitable for the assembly of a protective bellows kit in NBR for ISO 15552 Series cylinders with the function of preventing the piston rod and gasket from coming into contact with pollutants.
The supply includes also other elements for mounting on the cylinder, such as head collar, rod collar and junction.

To use the bellows kit, it is necessary to order the cylinder in a special version having a suitably designed piston rod. It is also possible to order cylinders with pre-mounted bellows kit.

Depending on the size and stroke of the cylinder, three versions are available: a kit with single bellow, one with double bellows and one with triple bellows.
The range offered covers all ISO 15552 Metal Work cylinders, with from ø 32 to ø 125 bores.

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